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Darragh Hare

Research Fellow


  • Department of Biology

I study conservation conflicts: acrimonious, morally fraught divisions over biodiversity conservation and governance.

I collaborate closely with non-academic conservation professionals working on real-world conflicts. We use quantitative methods to measure people’s attitudes, beliefs, and policy preferences, and use results to propose practically orientated ways to improve outcomes for biodiversity and people. I have ongoing projects in Scotland (deer management, woodland restoration, potential reintroduction of Eurasian lynx), the United States (deer management, carnivore coexistence, wildlife decision-making and governance), Germany (hunting, carnivore coexistence),and southern and East Africa (human-wildlife conflicts, protected areas management, community-based natural resource management, hunting).

This research generates social and political evidence evidence on how different groups think about some of the thorniest issues in biodiversity conservation, including competing visions for nature recovery.

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