How do we account for biodiversity? – AGILE Sprint

This Sprint from the AGILE Initiative aimed to identify just and actionable pathways to BNG, supporting an integrated approach to renewing and restoring nature, working directly with HM Treasury and Defra. The Sprint tackled three interlinked issues:

  • How to robustly measure the biodiversity impacts, positive and negative, of business and governmental investments
  • How to reconcile commitments to invest in biodiversity improvement with the economic and social welfare of people most affected by these investments
  • How to deliver sustained, socially just welfare improvements – together with biodiversity gains at the landscape level – using spatial modelling and an exploration of scenarios for development.

Team: Natalie EJ Milner Gulland, Elizabeth Duffus, Owen T Lewis, Joss Wright, Joseph Bull, Bob Smith, Cecilia Larrosa, Michael Clark, Julia Baker, Prue Addison, Felix Eigenbrod, Ian Bateman, Ben Groom,  Hannah Nicholas, Amber Butler,  Tom Atkins, Vidya Narayanan, Rececca Collins, Mattia Mancini, Richard Grenyer, Richard F Comont, Dave Goddard, Dave Goulson, Jeff Ollerton, Martin C Townsend, Judy A Webb, Richard I Wilson, Sophus O.S.E zu Ermgassen