Events at School of Geography and the Environment

Conservation Optimism and the Leverhulme Centre for Nature Recovery present a screening of inspiring and empowering stories from across the natural world. In the face of environmental erosion and human negligence, it is all too easy to regard our planet with despair. But nestled amongst the prevailing stories of loss and destruction, there are inspiring […]

Abstract: Ecologists study living organisms and their interactions with the physical environment, but as ecologists we seldom attempt to understand ecosystems in their entirety. This seminar will present a system-level overview of the ecological processes operating in a Malaysian rainforest, and explain how we are converting this knowledge into a digital twin ecosystem – the […]

Global historical reconstructions of human transformation and use of landscapes confirms that most of terrestrial nature as we know it, including Earth’s most biodiverse landscapes, are cultural legacies of centuries to millennia of sustained human use. Efforts to build a better future for people and the nature begin by recognizing that cultural natures, including those […]

Over the past half decade, the UK has set a net zero goal and nature restoration targets, both of which require very substantial land use change. However, the UK uses 70% of its land surface, and an equivalent area overseas, to produce the food we eat. On the face of it, the UK is headed […]