Research themes

Research themes

  • Ecology

    Testing the effectiveness of different ecological approaches for nature recovery to support biodiversity and the delivery of ecosystem services such as climate change mitigation and adaptation.

  • Scale

    Tracking and evaluating nature recovery at both fine resolution and large spatial scales utilising state-of-the-art remote sensing, big data, and deep machine learning technique.

  • Society

    Encompassing the governance and socio-cultural dimensions of nature recovery.

  • Finance

    Scaling finance and investment for rapid nature recovery at a global scale.

  • Human health and wellbeing

    Exploring, understanding, and determining those aspects of nature which directly contribute to improvements in physical and mental health and wellbeing.

  • Integration

    Developing a novel Analysis and Decision Platform to integrate nature recovery into land-use and infrastructure planning, and exploring scenarios that can deliver local, national and international commitments to nature, climate change and sustainable development.

  • Awards

    Supporting innovative research and short term projects for Nature Recovery