Nature Positive Universities at ICCB – Poster session

7 young people in casual clothes holding clipboards and laughing. jungle behind them

Nature Positive Universities: a Journey, a Pledge, a Global Movement for Nature

We believe that universities have untapped power and influence to lead their communities towards a Nature Positive future, helping to halt biodiversity loss and support ecosystem recovery. In just over a year, in collaboration with the United Nations Environment Programme, Nature Positive Universities has developed into a growing community of over 500 higher education institutions across the world, working together collaboratively in a “Race to Net Zero” style movement, to promote nature on our campuses, in our supply chains and within our cities and communities.

Launched at the CBD biodiversity COP15 in Montreal in December 2022, over 100 institutions from 50 countries have made high level pledges to address their institutional biodiversity impacts, committing to a scientifically robust approach to include baselines, timebound targets, actions, and transparent reporting on a journey towards an overall positive impact on nature. We propose using the Conservation Hierarchy of actions to achieve this: Refrain, Reduce, Restore and Renew.

Our campuses can be shining examples of green infrastructure and urban green spaces for nature and people to thrive together. Our Student Ambassadors programme has over 200 members, empowering students to act for nature by facilitating sharing of experiences and providing green skills training. The network is also intended to facilitate collaboration between universities from different parts of the world, to create new equitable research partnerships that protect and restore biodiversity where it is most vulnerable. We are excited by the possibilities of universities as beacons for action on nature and we invite you to join us.

Come and speak to Professor Dame, EJ Milner-Gulland during:

Poster Session I

Monday, July 24,  5:15 PM – 6:45 PM