We’re hiring: Research Assistant, Kwahu archival work

We’re hiring: Research Assistant, Kwahu archival work
Photo by Kyle Hinkson on Unsplash

The Leverhulme Centre for Nature Recovery’s Society Theme, together with the Ecology Theme are looking to hire a casual employee (12 week position) to conduct archival work on the Kwahu landscape in Eastern Ghana. The work has been requested by our Ghanaian partner organization, the Nature Conservation Research Centre (NCRC in Ghana), and will be guided by NCRC, Connie McDermott and Jesus Aguirre Gutierrez.

Requirements: competence in GIS analysis and systematic literature reviews; ability to conduct research in Oxford and Bristol (as needed) to access physical archives, interest in socio-cultural history and good writing and communication skills.

Desirable: Experience conducting archival research, experience in Ghana/West Africa

The Kwahu landscape has been identified as a future site for LCNR research on nature recovery, and hence this archival work will provide important historical data and context for LCNR’s future research in the area.

Pay level based on experience – either Master’s or PhD candidates encouraged to apply. The role can be carried out on a full or part-time basis and the start-date is flexible although the work will need to be completed within 12 weeks.

More information about the Ghana Kwahu historical land cover assessment archival assistance request can be viewed here

To apply, please send a CV and short statement of interest to: naturerecovery@ouce.ox.ac.uk