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Emily Warner

Postdoctoral Researcher


  • Biology
e: emily.warner@biology.ox.ac.uk

My research focusses on understanding biodiversity outcomes of nature-based solutions. I am particularly interested in exploring the impact of nature-based solutions interventions experimentally and in developing monitoring approaches to capture biodiversity responses within nature-based solutions projects. I am developing a framework for monitoring biodiversity in nature-based solutions projects as part of an Agile Initiative sprint on scaling up nature-based solutions in the UK.

I am also exploring biodiversity and ecosystem function outcomes of woodland creation using an established experiment at The Carbon Community in Wales and by co-designing woodland creation experiments with the Wychwood Forest Trust in Oxfordshire and Highlands Rewilding in Scotland. This research focuses on understanding linked above- and below-ground biodiversity responses to tree establishment, and consequences for ecosystem function, with different woodland creation methods. Please visit my Google Scholar for my publications.

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