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Ruth Faber

I am interested in the effects of land use on biodiversity, with my research focusing on the responses of biodiversity, and the complex ecological processes underlying them, to land management interventions and land use change at different spatial scales, and across taxonomic groups.

Past projects have included long-term studies on the effects of arable field margin management on wildlife, landscape-scale studies of the impacts of agricultural and woodland management on butterflies and moths, and multi-site projects investigating effects of organic farming and set-aside on biodiversity.

In my most recent work I have been using national butterfly recording scheme data and land use data to explore the value of trees and hedgerows for promoting biodiversity in farm landscapes. My research outcomes lead to evidence-based, practical conservation recommendations (e.g. handbook ). In my LCNR project I have been working with Estates Services to help develop a framework for monitoring and delivering nature recovery through data collation and mapping, habitat management and outreach at Oxford University’s Park Farm.

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