Our AI researchers are working closely with the Nature-based Solutions Initiative (Department of Biology) to mine the evidence base for the effectiveness of nature-based solutions to climate change mitigation and adaptation. This work uses state-of-the-art transformer-based natural language processing to track the rapidly evolving field via published scientific articles or web-based text reports.

Our AI algorithms will identify effective ways of working with natural ecosystems within the published literature, track sentiment towards restoration initiatives and filter key scientific reports.  Outputs will form the basis of guidance and tools for decision-makers and land managers.  Currently, it is hard for decision makers to access the best evidence, partly because that evidence is scattered among 1000s of journals and across several disciplines. Manual systematic reviews are extremely time-consuming and, as a result, poor decisions are being made that affect our futures. Deployment of AI approaches to speed up this process is urgently needed.

NbSI Evidence Platform