Research into the effects of nature on mental and physical health has been rapidly accumulating over the last decade. Alongside a growing evidence base, there has been significant interest in using this knowledge to implement nature-based wellbeing interventions on the ground. The research at the Leverhulme Centre for Nature Recovery Health and Wellbeing theme directly contributes to our understanding of this field.

It is essential that a research theme focussed on this topic work as closely as possible with organisations already involved in this field of nature and health. Close collaboration expands research horizons as a broad range of perspectives enables new questions to be asked. It also opens the possibility for research outcomes to have immediate effects as knowledge can be disseminated through existing community networks by partners collaborating with the centre.

The first stage in this project involved reaching out to NGOs working on natures role in health and wellbeing to determine the state of activities on this theme in Oxfordshire. The findings from this alongside the potential for collaboration have been summarised in a report.