Kenya has  a diverse and renowned ecological landscape. Globally known for safaris in lowland savannahs and the big five.  Kenya is a vast country and also home to deserts, swamps, mountains forests and more. The specific are of Kenya we are working in  stretches from around the base of mount Kenya and includes open savannah, shrubland, dense forest and wetlands with a great diversity of species ranging from elephants to warthogs to dung beetles. It is a mixture of wildlife conservancies, community conservancies and other land use types. Working collaboratively to restore Nature poses interesting governance challenges as well as the acute need to address the social aspects relating to nature restoration and land use. Recently, the area was severely affected by climate change with extensive droughts and intense floods. The Leverhulme Centre for Nature Recovery is partnering with Natural State, looking at the degree to which grazing management and nature based solutions can restore overgrazed, bare soils. We also explore the type of nature financing models and how these can lead to inclusivity and benefits for those already living on and working with the land. Different gradients of landscapes and changes in elevations make this an exciting case study landscape.