Unlocking the power of engagement for nature recovery and nature-based solutions: Join our webinar!

Are you passionate about driving collaborative, participatory, and democratic solutions for the world’s most critical environmental challenges? To celebrate the launch of new evidence-led guidance for engagement in nature-based solutions and nature recovery, we invite you to attend a free webinar hosted by the Leverhulme Centre for Nature Recovery and the Agile Initiative.

This webinar is relevant for anyone working in the on-the-ground delivery, design and/or strategy of a broad range of nature recovery and nature-based solutions projects which aim to benefit both people and nature. This includes conservation, restoration, rewilding, urban greening, community gardening, sustainable forestry, regenerative agriculture, and more. It is relevant to any project which seeks to engage a diversity of stakeholders and relevant parties at different scales including local communities, members of the public, farmers and land managers, non-governmental organisations, charities, businesses, local authorities, and government bodies.

Introducing the Recipe for Engagement (RfE) guidance

The Recipe for Engagement (RfE) guidance shows how a best practice, evidence-led engagement process can be used to enhance the delivery of multiple, integrated benefits for people and nature.

When is it designed and delivered well, engagement can be a dynamic force capable of bringing diverse groups together for more inclusive and effective environmental outcomes. The RfE guidance, which is grounded in robust social science research evidence, has been designed to empower practitioners and decision-makers. The value of the RfE is its versatility; it is not a rigid set of rules but a flexible and adaptable guide which can be adapted to different contexts, including available capacity and resources.


What practitioners are saying:

“The guidance helped form the foundation of our organisation’s engagement strategy, which is a central component of our efforts for building natural capital. It’s great to see this practical guidance available to support others’ work.” – Calum Brown, Chief Scientist, Highlands Rewilding

“I found the RfE refreshingly supportive instead of overwhelming. There were reminders of how to act when there are limitations on an organisation’s ability to deliver all ingredients and how to commit to continuous improvement. I’ve already changed the way that I’ve been thinking about and preparing for engagement after reading this.” – Nature Recovery Project Manager, Public Sector


Join our free webinar on the 20.2.22024 at 10-11am GMT to learn about how the Recipe for Engagement could be implemented in your project or organisation to help create more inclusive, meaningful and impactful engagement strategies.


The Recipe for Engagement can be downloaded here. It is a living document which will be periodically updated based on feedback and testing in real-world scenarios. For inquiries, contact: Caitlin Hafferty. 

Watch a short clip about the document here