Anthromes with Erle Ellis

In this podcast we discuss the relationship of humans and nature with Professor Erle Ellis. We look at how since the dawn of humanity we’ve been impacting the land. Now as these impacts gather pace and lead to undesirable outcomes we discuss how we can reframe the role of the human species as being an intrinsic part of nature and possessing the power to shape the world to more desirable outcomes.

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Putting a Price on Nature – Kate Raworth, Bob Costanza and Eric Gòmez-Baggethun

In this episode we have a debate between Kate Raworth, Bob Costanza and Eric Gòmez-Baggethun on Monetary Valuation of Nature: pragmatic conservation or unhelpful commodification?

This is an edited version of a debate that took place at the Oxford Martin School in February 2023.

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You can watch the full video of the discussion of it here

Nature Positive with Joseph Bull

In this episode we talk to Dr. Joseph Bull, Associate Professor in Climate Change Biology at the University of Oxford and find out what is meant by the term Nature Positive. We look at reasons for pragmatic optimism in the face of biodiversity decline and find out more about his work in the Aral Sea and why deserts are not as deserted as you might think.

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If you believe…An alternative vision for role of the state with Dr. Sophus Zu Ermgassen

What role does the state have to play in nature recovery?

If we are serious about halting the decline in biodiversity do we need to lay out a more ambitious agenda that can unify the currently fragmented aspects of private nature finance, state intervention and the role of public sector institutions. This is part of the argument raised buy Dr. Sophus zu Ermgassen and a team of experts in a recent pre-print:

We talk to him about this mission-driven approach and what types of changes need addressing if we are to see fair and inclusive nature recovery that can actual deliver a restoration of our natural environments and not just the creation of functioning biodiversity markets.

Rewilding: People and Participation

This week we look at Rewilding from the social perspective. Most of the challenges currently facing nature can be linked to human activity and more specific human prioritizations of one type of land use over another. So when we come  to look at solutions to biodiversity loss (Rewilding being one of the most well known) its essential that we understand the role of people in making these solutions work.. It’s hoped that  Nature Recovery projects supported by local communities are likely to be more durable, inclusive and ultimately more sustainable. We explore this fascinating topic with three experts.

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Scales of Fishing with Professor Christina Hicks

On this podcast we are joined by guest host Alena Goebel as we talk to Professor Christina Hicks about the impact of fishing on our oceans. We examine the differences in scales of fisheries and the important nutritional role fish plays in numerous communities. We look at what is meant by sustainable fisheries and the differences between large scale fish production verus community governed artisanal fishing.

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Ash Dieback Special – Ecology and Hope with Dr Cecilia Dahlsjo and Dr Jo Clark

The European ash tree is now facing the most significant modern threat to its survival. Ash Dieback (Hymenoscyphus fraxineus) was common in China and Asia (where native ash species have obtained tolerance over time). In a globalised world, where timber and plant material are constantly being transported; this has sped up the spread of infectious tree diseases and pests. Ash dieback has ripped through Europe and was identified in the UK in 2012. Many UK  ash woodlands have since been decimated by this disease which resulted in some very gloomy headlines.

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‘It’s a bit more complicated than that’ – Emma Marris

In this taster episode we speak to the award -winning writer Emma Marris who offers a fresh and challenging view on some of the issues around conservation and nature recovery.

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Ghana with Eric Kumeh Mensah and Emmanuel Tomude

In this podcast we take a look at Ghana, where landscapes are changing as mining and industrialisation affect traditional ways of managing the land. We look at the impact on cocoa and the effectiveness of global regulations on preventing deforestation and contrast these with traditional community methods.

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The Global Biodiversity Framework with Sandra Diaz

We were lucky enough to have a short conversation with Sandra Diaz, where we find out more about here involvement with the COP 15 Kunming-Montreal Global Biodiversity Framework.

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