Interdisciplinary working that bridges different scientific fields is widely recognised as crucial for effectively understanding and responding to environmental issues. New policy directions such as nature recovery, therefore, offer exciting potential to develop and deploy evidence-based approaches to collaboration. There has been a wealth of recent scholarship on strategies for working across worldviews and philosophies, connecting actors in multiple sectors of society, and navigating differences while respecting diversity. But more work is needed to integrate this evidence into practice.

This project has two aims. The first is to synthesise existing knowledge about concepts and methods that might support interdisciplinary working. Asking: What is the state of play? How could this be improved? The second aim of the project is to experiment with innovative methods to connect and communicate between disciplines, including using theatre workshops and computer databases, for example, to connect and combine qualitative and quantitative understandings of people and nature.

This projects is supported by the University of Oxford John Fell Fund.

Project outputs